Fixed UI Freeze and Crash Issue in File -forum

Fixed UI Freeze and Crash Issue in File System Browser: Resolved the issue causing the software interface to freeze and crash when directly opening image files in the file system browser.
Added Full-Featured File System and Partition Parsing: Introduced comprehensive file system and partition parsing functionality.
Fixed Incomplete VMFS6 Parsing Bug: Addressed the bug that led to incomplete parsing of the VMFS6 file system.
Added Uniview Surveillance Video File System Parsing and Recovery: Introduced parsing and recovery functionality for Uniview surveillance video file systems.
Added Keyboard Letter Search in File System Browser: Enabled the ability to search using keyboard letters in the file system browser.
Fixed MySQL Type Recognition Parsing Error: Resolved parsing errors caused by MySQL type recognition issues.
Added Support for MySQL 8.0 and Later Versions: Implemented support for recovery of MySQL versions 8.0 and later.
Added Batch Import DDL Function for MySQL: Enabled the batch import of DDL statements for MySQL.
Fixed Various Other Bugs: Addressed several other minor bugs.

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