NA94 document


We recommend you to install na-exp with win7 or above system. If you wanna use na-exp repair disk firmware, you need H61 or B75 mthorboard that we tested Ok. Through the SATA-port in motherboard you can read&write the disk firmware with na-exp.

Na-exp can configure the power control port and SATA port by manual that for disk firmware operation. Na-exp is a toolkit consist of multiple specialized utilities and modules.As follows:
Port manager: Configure the power&ATA port by yourself.
Sector extract: Make disk image or recover the filesystem.It can recover almost all kinds of filesystem.
Database extract: Recovery and view the database file that corrupted.
Hdd utilities: Read or write hard disk firmware.
SSD utilities: Read or write ssd firmware.
SCSI utilities: Read or write SCSI firmware.
RAID utilities: Rebuild RAID.
NANDFlash utilities: Rebuild nand-flash chip data.
File utilites: Repair corrupted files.
ATA command terminal: Send ATA command by yourself. The script compatible with mhdd.
COM command terminal: Send COM command by yourself.
SCSI command terminal: Send SCSI command by yourself.

Warning: Through the SATA-port in motherboard to read&write the disk may cause OS BSOD. Use at your own risk.